Saturday, 22 May 2010

Aaaand CUT !!

Yesterday I read Garance's blog [ as I read it every day, it nearly has become an obsession! ]. There I saw on the first page a young girl wearing high waisted [!!] shorts. First I told nearly all my girlfriends about it and then I decided: I need the same kind of shorts! Fortunately my mum just cleared out her wardrobe and there I found a old [ out of the 90's] HIGH-WAISTED denim diesel jeans. I took advantage of this situation [ Thanks mum :)] and run this morning directly to a friend of as who is a dressmaker. A few hours later I held MY OWN HIGH WAISTED SHORTS in hands. And Yessss Garance you're perfectly right: I will look at them every morning and say WOHHH !!


1 comment:

  1. halalalla , je rêve d'en avoir un et de p o u v o i r le porter ;-)